Barnyard Mix for Small/Medium Dogs

For Small to Medium Sized Dogs
24 Count Bag

CONTENTS: 4 Griller Pieces, 4 Beef Trachea (6”), 4 Pork Rolls (5”), 2 Medium Beef Tendons, 1 Pig Ear, 1 Cow Ear, 4 Duck Feet, 4 Chicken Feet

EACH CHEW CONTAINS A SINGLE INGREDIENT – Zero salt, sugar, flavors, coloring, additives, or preservatives. Each batch is tested for quality and bacteria in an independent, third party laboratory

PREMIUM USA SOURCING FOR A SAFER, LONGER, TASTIER Chew. Dogs Love the texture and flavor of our hand-picked products.

ALWAYS BORN, RAISED, and MADE in the USA. NEVER imported, ALWAYS USA Sourced. No mystery meat or foreign sourcing.

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